This can be the most AMAZING - or most frustrating - time of year for product businesses.

You have been working hard at prepping for the holiday season sales
But for whatever reason, you are still not taking any money home for yourself.

It  can feel exhausting and pointless to do all that work, with nothing to show.

You know you are capable of creating an income for yourself and your family - you’ve done it at a “normal” job before.

You didn’t start this journey to just give up and stay where you are!

You want more, You want to go all in!

You are not alone!

How do I know?

Well I have worked with over 200 small businesses; many of them artisan or product based.

And because of that, I can definitely help you overcome this!
And that's why today I am revealing EXACTLY what has been holding you back.

1. Pricing
You are not pricing properly. This is a touchy topic, I know, and something that everyone struggles with constantly. I’m...
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Three Strategies to Maximize Holiday Sales

Uncategorized Oct 26, 2021

Holidays are super overwhelming for everyone. But especially product based businesses, right?

We are simultaneously trying to balance shopping and prepping for our family holidays, all the get-togethers, all the cooking all the organization coordinating schedules, and trying to figure out how the heck, I'm going to manage my business and my sales during the holidays.

So today's training is just a really quick little blurb on three strategies to maximize your holiday sales.

Now there's a couple things I want to address here. As business owners, we get so caught up in the grind sometimes that the holidays can sneak up on us. I know I've experienced that. I know a lot of my my clients have experienced that, all of a sudden we're hitting mid-September, and I'm going in I'm asking them, okay, what's our, what's our sales strategy for Christmas?

And they're looking at me Like:


It's not even fall yet?!

How am I supposed to be thinking about Christmas?!

 But the...

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