Hey maker, you don't have to choose between making goods & making SALE$

Turn your handmade hobby

X or side hustle X into a

Money Making X Machine!

I’ll show you the pathway from $0 to $50,000 – yes, a mid-five figure business from your handmade items

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Hey, maker and handmade shop owner


You’re tired of working your fingers to the bone but barely bringing in sales from craft fairs or Etsy (and bringing in less money than you did last year)

You have created something you KNOW is better than what's sold in box stores, but the voices in your head tell you it’s "just a little side hustle."

You see product-based businesses going viral on Instagram… why can’t you figure out how to make that happen for yourself?

You want to turn this hobby into something that makes money.

And not just help-with-the-groceries money, but LEGIT money.

Money that lets you quit your 9-5 job.

Money that pays for entire vacations.

Money that covers your mortgage.

Money that lets you save and give like never before.

Most makers get stuck in "analysis paralysis"
You too?

You have a handmade hobby or side hustle that needs to be making more money , but you have no idea what steps to take and google isn't exactly helpful.


You’ve read the blogs and posts about how to sell your stuff, but after trying to piece together how to do it on your own, you feel more confused than ever


You’ve tried everything - posting on your Facebook, doing craft fairs, telling your network about what you make, but you cannot seem to earn more than a few hundred dollars a month (and most of that is from friends)


You hear about successful people who make six figures with their jewelry, lotions, or teas, and you just wish someone could tell you how to make $10,000.


You already have enough on your plate - no one has time to be making videos, posting on facebook, creating products, doing vendor events and spend time with their families.


You were doing ok for a few years, but 2023 has completely taken you by surprise, and you're wondering if you should keep going, or just shut it down.

Lets Make Money!

My business grew from $500 a month to $4,000


When I started my business, I had no idea what I was doing.😖

I was happy if I made just an extra $50 a month - enough to pay our phone bill, or put a few extra dollars towards our expenses.

Then we moved and I was suddenly a stay-at-home mom, trying to figure out how to stretch our budget as much as possible. We needed my sewing business to start providing a LOT more or I was going to have to consider a part-time job.

Over the next few years, I went from a business that was barely making anything, to a consistent, profitable operation! I scaled so much that I now partner with a manufacturer for all my products.

The thing is, I made a lot of mistakes along the way that you don’t have to go through firsthand. That is why I made the Profitable Creators Course, taking my years of college-level teaching and lived experience of running a handmade business and turning it into effective programs that students love and learn from.

But more than that – students of Profitable Creators see a significant rise in revenue for their handmade shops when they implement the strategies inside.

"a real, work-from-home entrepreneur"

Have you guys checked out Stephanie Desaulniers business offerings yet? I just watched this freebie and was so impressed! First of all, you can tell from the get-go she’s a real, work-from-home entrepreneur just like many of us. I had some pretty rigid thoughts about email marketing, as in I don’t like it much, and in this she challenged my perspective and gave me some real, valuable things I can do right away, in ways that work for me.  I’m really glad I watched. Thanks Stephanie!

Marie Lewis


Profitable Creators!

A holistic growth program for makers and handmade shop owners that takes you from uncertain, overwhelmed and underpaid to an optimized, $50,000/year product-based business.


What's included M in Profitable Creators?

Make money, not drama

PHASE 1: Money Mindset

Do you suffer from feeling guilty for accepting money for your product, or worry about charging too much? You are not alone! This module will help you work through WHY you feel guilty, and how to break that mindset and prepare yourself to accept money.

Walk away with:

  • Confidence to charge what your products are worth.

  • A clear way to communicate WHY people should want your products

  • Exercises to work through money blocks.

  • A pricing structure to help you make money with every new product launch

Walk away with:

  • Learn WHY your current ICA isn't working

  • Do a deep dive into what actually motivates buyers

  • Create messaging that resonates with the RIGHT people

  • Understand what attracts people to YOUR products

i know who you are

Phase 2: the buyers

Who are your buyers, anyway? It can be challenging to sell, when we think our customer is "anyone" and they are "everywhere." This module walks you through who YOUR perfect customer is, and where to find them.

sales, not sleeze

PHASE 3: Plan for Growth

Growth is impossible if you don't have a plan! Dive deep into what is necessary to build a business that creates consistent sales and income, without taking 40 hours a week or consuming your life.

Taking actionable, genuine steps to building your business and charging a decent price for your time, time, effort and materials allows you to be comfortable making sales in your business.

Walk away with:

  • Strategy to set goals - then crush them!

  • Step by Step guidance on finding and hiring help

  • Plans for generating revenue without relying only on vendor events

  • Plan out what to sell, when, and where in order to reach that $50,000


Imagine what it will feel like when you’ve stopped stressing about money because you FINALLY have sales coming in every single week (from complete strangers!)

Imagine being able to pay down debt, afford a vehicle upgrade, or plan the next family vacation based on the profits coming into your business.

Imagine how proud you’d feel to grow your hobby into a business that actually contributes to the financial wellbeing of your family month after month.

Think for a minute X how much easier

growing your business will be when you

have a clear plan X for making money.

What if you never had to look at your paypal and panic about bringing enough in this month?

(without having to spend hours on Facebook or get a J-O-B.)


After Profitable Creators you will...
know you can afford the newest sports gear, because you have sales coming in from your business every single day.


You know exactly what to say on social media, emails, and vendor events to engage your customers and make sales (without spending hours staring at a screen)


You set profitable prices for your items and are finally taking home a paycheck, and you’re seeing consistent sales month after month after month after….

Drop the overwhelm and Stress

  • No more confusion about how to grow a product-based business, only clarity on the path that will work best for you and your products

  • No More worrying about finances, and stressing because taking a job outside the home isn't feasible

  • No more to compromising on enjoying life. Start enjoying your business again, rather than dreading it as another stressor

But Wait! There's more!

learn how to leverage tech to make more money.

Weekend Only Bonus

Your Six Figure CashMap

It's hard to make progress when you aren't sure what you are working towards. This Six Figure CashMap is a DIY version of my Strategic Planning Services. Walk yourself through a 12 month plan that helps you determine exactly WHAT action to take each month in order to reach your goals!

Mid-Launch Bonus!


Not making enough to hire help? Need more time in the day? Join this AI resource library to get up-to-date training and prompts to help you leverage tools such as ChatGPT, Otter.ai, video editors, and more!


Email Made Easy Mini-Course

This mini course will help you get started with emails in your product business in just 3 hours! Go from 'no email' to 'emailing like a pro' in just a few short modules and videos - PLUS bonuses on how to get set up with two of the most common email providers.


Know your Customers...Grow your sales

Access to the on-demand workshop

Know Your Customers: Grow Your Sales Workshop

will help you quickly (and with ease) gain insights into WHY customers buy, what customers are looking for from your products, and help make some sales along the way...

without having to spam promo threads in all the mom boss Facebook groups


Use AI to your Advantage

Leveraging ChatGPT for Makers

Not making enough to hire help? Need more time in the day? Learn how to use ChatGPT in a product based business to take things off your plate, streamline systems, or create a month of content in just 1 hour!

You’ll get custom prompts, tricks on how to ask questions, and strategies for implementing what ChatGPT creates


Holiday sales prep - today

entire Christmas in July Library

This is my ENTIRE collection of all Christmas in July trainings - from 2021, 2022, AND 2023! Get the recorded videos, workbooks, and extra trainings as a bonus when you register for Profitable Creators Today!

Yes, I want to grow my shop to $50K!

ProfitableM Creators


The Buyers (Value $497)

Plan for Growth (Value $1497)

Sales without Sleeze (Value $497)

Know your customers, grow your sales (Value $197)

LEveraging ai for makers (Value $297)

christmas in july vault (Value $47)

total value = ($3500)

regular price = $997

today's Price =$497 savings of $500!

"You weren't Bluster"

The depth of your knowledge was different. It wasn't totally unexpected considering our interactions in Class, but the depth you showed us in our one on ones wasn't bluster. Also your personality was genuine and honest.

Keith Bowers, Dice Goblins

"You equipped me to do Better"

Your approach is phenomenal, I was super overwhelmed by the task at hand and you broke it down into bite sized pieces ... then BLOWN AWAY by the tools and insight you gave me into my own business. You know enough about my business to equip me with the tools to do better, without knowing the intimate details and getting in the weeds where I should be

Christina Rose

The best time to start was yesterday

The next best time to start is TODAY

Nothing is going to change if nothing ever changes. When you look back in 1 year, do you want to see a business that still doing the same thing it was before, bringing in the same (small) amount of money, and still feel like you just cannot get ahead?

Or do you want to look back in 1 year and go "Damn, I have come SO FAR!"

This program gives you the tools to start making the changes you WANT to make, but have been too afraid or overwhelmed to try.


The 100% SatisfactionGuarantee

If after 30 days you have completed the content and still aren't seeing any growth in your business, I will refund you money.

My goal is to see you succeed - if this program doesn't do that, then you'll get your investment back, no questions asked.

Here how these makers grew after working with me:

You Made Us think of things in our business that we never considered

I found the attention and case specific tools to be incredibly helpful

"watching the video now on guilt! Love it! Thank you so much!"

Make the Change you want

profitable M creators


The Buyers (Value $497)

Plan for Growth (Value $1497)

Sales without Sleeze (Value $497)

know your customers, grow your sales (Value $197)

LEveraging ai for makers (Value $297)

christmas in july vault (Value $47)

total value = ($3500)

regular price = $997

today's Price =$497 savings of $500!


Our Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to start earning consistent revenue?

That depends! Clients who have started applying these strategies and tools have seen an immediate jump in their revenue. That being said, this program is designed to start showing consistent results after about 90 days.

How long will it take me to go through the program?

If you dedicate 5 hours a week to learning and implementing this content, it will take about 1 month. However this program is self-paced and you get access to everything immediately, so for someone who is motivated, it could take less time.

When will I get access to the content?

This course is an immediate access program, so once you register, you are able to view all of the content. No waiting for anyone else to enroll. You're ready to take action now, so why wait?

Maybe you’re telling yourself these things...

“I don’t have time.”

I feel this one SO much. Between family obligations, schedule commitments, and the need to always be creating products, you might feel like there’s no time to go through a program like this. That is why, when I created this system for my business, it had to be something I could do in just a few hours each week.

By following this system just 2-4 hours a week, you will grow your business WITHOUT adding a ton of extra tasks to your calendar.

“I can’t afford this.”

If you wait to invest in a program until after you have sales, you may never get there. Why not invest in a program designed to accelerate your business so that you start making more sales sooner?

Take advantage of our payment plan, and you'll be making more sales before you're even done paying for the program!

“My hobby can’t be an actual business.”

Is this YOUR thought, or are you regurgitating opinions of others?

Friend, if you want your handmade side-hustle to be a legit business, then it CAN become a business – one that pays you well, one that is streamlined and primed for growth, and one that may even employ others one day. 

But if you lack confidence, you’re normal. It's easy to think that everyone else is able to just do it when we’re spinning in circles and can't figure it out.

But the truth is...

something is required from women who want to grow, tackle new challenges, and develop the grit to do things a little bit differently.

 It takes an intentional shift.

 It takes a complete shift mentally, operationally, and financially to grow a hobby into full-time income. 

A shift that you need to be willing to take. (Now, prepared? That’s another story. All the greats became great by taking the leap before they truly felt “ready.”) 

Becoming a Profitable Creator not only helps you make a plan to make sales, but builds your confidence as a maker, a business owner, and a provider for your family. We believe in you 1000%; do you believe in yourself? 

Your journey to a profitable handmade business begins right now.

Make the Change you want

profitable M creators


The Buyers (Value $497)

Plan for Growth (Value $1497)

Sales without Sleeze (Value $497)

know your customers, grow your sales (Value $197)

LEveraging ai for makers (Value $297)

christmas in july vault (Value $47)

total value = ($3500)

regular price = $997

today's Price =$497 savings of $500!

"Without this training, I would have been way more overwhelmed"

In the last two days, I started an email list, created an automated Welcome series for it, drafted a re-targeting email to promote a specific part of my business to people who click on one of the welcome emails, and started a blog...Without that training, I would have been way more overwhelmed about which things to prep this far in advance.

Crayle McDonald